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You®Company – #YouRcompanyUS Program
March 3, 2022


You®Company is a video series produced by the U.S. Embassy in Spain with the intention of empowering youth through entrepreneurial values. How?  Through a series of videos providing positive models of entrepreneurs in the United Sates and Spain in which the speakers tell their own personal entrepreneurial experiences.  These videos are intended to convey to a younger audience four of the most characteristic values of entrepreneurship: motivation, innovation, failure and critical thinking, and corporate social responsibility.

The You®Company series has been produced by the U.S. Embassy as an educational tool to present these entrepreneurship values at schools. The objective of the project is to encourage entrepreneurship among students, who can identify themselves with the example of eight young entrepreneurs and therefore generate classroom discussion. In these videos, entrepreneurs discuss first-hand the reasons that led them to take the initiative to start their own businesses, how they overcame difficulties they encountered, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they now see their lives and future challenges.

Our objective is to have the video series be an integral part of the school curriculum and expose students to critical thinking skills and financial tools throughout the school year.

Our goal and the purpose of the entrepreneurs, who have generously collaborated in the project, is that these videos will serve as a tool to create interest and guide the new generations who, inspired by these experiences, will consider embarking on an entrepreneurial and innovative future.  The videos are targeted to students between 10 and 15 years old.

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The entrepreneurs that have collaborated in the project selflessly are:

David Bastida. Babelia
Clemente Cebrián. El Ganso
Ana Eulate. Cuento de Luz
Dani García. Restaurante Calima
Ascen Cruchaga. Orbital Aerospace
Susan Zody. Shift SF

United States
Jason DeLand. Anomaly
Zaryn Dentzel. Tuenti
Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez. P3 GM
Veronika Sonsev. Insparq
Stephannie Lawrence. Travelling Spoon
Vivienne Harr. “Make a stand”

Support Documentation for Teachers

We also have available, upon request and free, a small teaching dossier to help teacher to prepare the classes in advance. The dossier contains personal information about each of the entrepreneurs and their companies, with a transcript of the interview and time sequence highlighting the main points of interest for the debate in the classroom.

Please fill in the form below to request the teaching material.

Audiovisual Material

The videos are available in three different versions:

Version 1
Eight single videos where each entrepreneur tells their own story. Approximately 3 minutes each.
David Bastida. Babelia
Clemente Cebrián. El Ganso
Ana Eulate. Cuento de Luz
Dani García. Restaurante Calima
Ascen Cruchaga. Orbital Aerospace
Susan Zody. Shift SF
Jason DeLand. Anomaly
Zaryn Dentzel. Tuenti
Antonio Ruiz-Giménez. P3 GM
Veronika Sonsev. Insparq
Stephannie Lawrence. Travelling Spoon
Vivienne Harr. “Make a stand”

Versión 2
Four videos, of approximately 5 minutes each, in which Spanish and an American entrepreneur, advocate one of the project values relating it to their personal experience.

Clemente Cebrián. El Ganso. Veronika Sonsev. Insparq

Failure and Critical Thinking
Antonio Ruíz-Giménez. P3 GM. David Bastida. Babelia, Yo Respondo

Dani García. Restaurante Calima Zaryn Dentzel. Tuenti

Social Cooperative Responsibility
Jason DeLand, Anomaly. Ana Eulate. Cuento de Luz

Version 3
In cases where it is required to give an overview of entrepreneurship and its values in a single session a 35 minutes video.


This training package has been developed exclusively for educational purpose to be use in classrooms of those schools that join the You®Company, developed by the Embassy of the United States of America in Madrid. It´s prohibited the total or partial reproduction, whether in digital or paper format or any other medium, of the content published in this program without prior permission. The information has been given by the entrepreneurs to be used exclusively for You®Company education program and therefore cannot be used for any other purpose.