U.S. Embassy Joins Interesting Discussion and Screening of Documentary “Well Fed”

Celebrating Science Week in Madrid, on November 7, the U.S. Embassy’s Agricultural Affairs Section co-sponsored the screening and discussion of the Dutch documentary “Well Fed”. The documentary explores different opinions and the reality surrounding agricultural biotechnology.  Organized by Fundación Antama, the event was also supported by the Dutch Embassy’s Agricultural Section and the CBGP (Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics).

“Well Fed” tackles the different myths and misperceptions prevailing about biotechnology through the eyes of Hidde Boersma, a scientist and science journalist who defends the benefits that plant biotechnology brings to agriculture and society.  Hidde is joined by his friend, Kasten de Vreugd, a skeptical filmmaker who celebrates organic food.  Their investigation takes them on a journey from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom and Bangladesh, where they see firsthand the powerful impact this technology can have in improving people’s lives around the world.

The screening attracted a young and dynamic crowd of science students eager to learn and discuss agricultural technology from a completely new perspective.  After the screening, participants had the opportunity to share their views and concerns with documentary stars Hidde Boersma and Kasten de Vreugd. Antonio Molina, CBGP Director and Soledad de Juan, Director for Fundacion Antama joined the discussion.  Many participants opined that while there is wide recognition that technology is critical to the future of healthcare and agriculture, the social stigma associated with biotechnology remains a challenge.