U.S. Cultural Policies and Public Diplomacy

On November 4, Ana Duque-Higgins, Cultural Attaché, participated in a conference on “Cultural policies and diplomacy,” that took place at the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid. Ana Duque-Higgins shared a panel with representatives of the Institut Français de España, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Madrid, and the British Council in Madrid.  The panel was moderated by the President of the Department of Law and Culture of the Madrid Bar Association.

During her presentation the Cultural Attaché explained that the US doesn´t have a single national cultural policy, but a multitude of non-profit organizations and government agencies dedicated to culture.  She emphasized that her role as Cultural Attaché does not imply promoting the culture of the United States, but rather finding ways to promote and support a better understanding of US foreign policy among foreign publics.  Ana Duque-Higgins also discussed the development and application of intellectual property laws and regulations that have allowed the United States to be one of the most innovative countries in the world.