Emergency Financial Assistance

U.S. consular officers can assist U.S. citizens abroad who are temporarily destitute to get in touch with a family member, a bank, or an employer to arrange for transfer of funds. In some cases, these funds can be wired through the Department of State. Most U.S. citizens arrange for family or friends to send money through commercial channels because the mechanism for transferring funds through the Department of State tends to be slower and more complex Typically, in order to receive money using a commercial service, the recipient will need to present a proof of identity, such as a passport. Sometimes, when the U.S. citizen’s has no identification documents, and it’s after hours, family members or friends send money to someone else in their travel group or a local friend who may have identification. During office hours, iIf your passport has been lost or stolen we can assist you to obtain an emergency passport.

Please visit travel.state.gov for more information on sending money to destitute U.S. citizens overseas.