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Trade Events
April 7, 2022

Our office facilitates U.S. agricultural exporter participation in Iberian trade shows, and hotel, restaurant, and retail store promotional events (please click below to learn about upcoming events).

In addition, we can assist U.S. exporters with sales missions to Spain and Portugal. Our professionals know many of the prospective Iberian Peninsula buyers, the local business conditions, distribution patterns and outlets, as well as local consumer’s preferences.

Events and Shows

October 4-6, 2022
Fruit Attraction
IFEMA Madrid

Fruit Attraction is the signature International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. Fruit Attraction has become an important commercial tool for worldwide distributors in order to plan their campaigns for the following year, since it is held in the month of October, a key commercial moment for the professional supply and demand of fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus, the show is strategically located in southern Europe, which positions the fair as the gateway to Europe from Latin America. This is not an endorsed show, but if you are interested in visiting or participating, please contact us: AgMadrid@usda.gov

Please call us or email us for any information.
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