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April 7, 2022

Three Protocols of Amendment to the ADC

  • The First Protocol of Amendment to the ADC (signed April 12, 2002) revises several provisions of the ADC in order to update the agreement and adapt it to new security requirements.
  • The Second Protocol of Agreement to the ADC (signed October 12, 2012) provides for the stationing of four U.S. Navy AEGIS destroyers, their crews, and a second echelon maintenance unit at Rota Naval Base, with the goal of contributing significantly to NATO Ballistic Missile Defense.
  • The Third Protocol of Amendment to the ADC (signed June 17, 2015) increases the total authorized personnel and aircraft limits at Moron Air Base, and provides for the permanent basing of a crisis response task force, with the aim of contributing significantly to the regional stability and common security in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.