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The Embassy Promotes Opportunities for Young Female Athletes at U.S. Universities
March 3, 2020

The Embassy engaged young female soccer players at an event held at the Ambassador’s Residence on February 11, with the aim to promote opportunities for them to practice their sport as students at U.S. universities in the future. Professional players from Spanish female teams, U.S. university coaches, and Spanish students going to the U.S. to study with a sports scholarship were convened to that purpose. Mrs.  Hannah Buchan, the Ambassador’s wife, welcomed the girls and encouraged them to use the power of sports to reach their goals. Her remarks were followed by a discussion led by two professional female players who have studied at U.S. universities, two U.S. coaches, and two recruited Spanish female athlete students. The highlight was the presence of Venezuelan professional player Deyna Castellanos, a recent graduate of Florida State University currently playing for Atlético de Madrid. All of them talked about the advantages and benefits of U.S. higher education and opportunities for student athletes, focusing on intercollegiate athletics programs. Alba Mellado, a player from Madrid CFF, put the finishing touch and then helped raffle off two jerseys, one each for the U.S. and Spanish womens’ national soccer teams. The Embassy partnered with AGM Sports, an organization that identifies sports scholarships for Spanish students at U.S. universities, and Inspiring Girls, a foundation that aims to raise girls’ self-esteem and professional aspirations by introducing them to disparate careers with the help of women professionals as role models.