The Embassy Commemorates World Intellectual Property Day Through Music

To highlight the importance of respecting and protecting intellectual property rights by everyone, the Embassy organized a program with music producers and artists Jovany Barreto and Tat Tong, aka WAPEA, during which they shared their professional experience and expertise with Spanish youth in Madrid. Barreto and Tong gave workshops on music production to students of music industry and sound studies at Universidad Carlos III, and to students of music composition and production at TAI university center of the arts. The group also talked to students of Severo Ochoa High School in Alcobendas about what led them into the music world, how they met and began to collaborate as producers, and how they recently started their own carrier as artists together. WAPEA’s manager talked to the students about their responsibility in respecting intellectual property as music consumers. The central event was a concert at the Embassy for more than 100 guests including youth, officials, and industry contacts, organized in collaboration with “La Coalición de Creadores e Industrias de Contenidos,” together with Spanish artist Aries. WAPEA’s visit was part of the Department of State’s Arts Envoys Program, which shares the best of the U.S. arts community with the world to foster cross-cultural understanding and collaboration and to demonstrate shared values and aspirations.