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Summer Camps
January 1, 2020

Summer Camps are a long standing American tradition. If you wish to identify a Camp for your children to spend the summer there, the American Camp Association offers professional advice for the selection of accredited camps by age, geographic location, type of activity or sport, price, etc. The U.S. Embassy does not recommend any specific camp. A visa is not required to attend a summer camp. Children can travel either on a tourist visa or under the Visa Waiver program.

If you wish to work as a Summer Camp Counselor in the U.S.

The Camp Counselor Program allows foreign nationals to work at U.S. summer camps for up to four months.  Camp Counselors supervise and interact with American youth.  Camp Counselors must be sufficiently proficient in the English language and at least 18-years-old.  They will occasionally have to perform non-counseling duties as part of camp life, but not serve as “staff.”  For example, they cannot serve as administrator personnel, cooks or menial laborers.

Sponsors shall place eligible participants at camping facilities which are accredited; a member in good standing of the American Camp Association; officially affiliated with a nationally recognized non-profit organization; or have been inspected, evaluated, and approved by the sponsor.

Participants receive pay and benefits commensurate with those offered to their American counterparts at the camps.  Employers must provide participants, prior to departure for the U.S., with information on their duties and responsibilities as a camp counselor, contractual obligations relative to accepting a camp counselor position and information on financial compensation.

More information on regulations regarding the Program is available here.

Several Spanish organizations are associated with American designated sponsors to select participants for this program. The American sponsors will provide the participant with a form DS-2019 in order for the participant to apply for the J-1 visa.


Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Embassy.

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