Is Studying Agriculture in the U.S. Right for You?

Spanish students are making the choice to study in the United States every day, and so can you.

With so many opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate level, and so many institutions to choose from, studying in the United States can be a fantastic learning experience and life-changing opportunity.

There are more than 30 possible majors within the Agricultural Sciences in a wide range of schools:

The majors: Agricultural Business, Agronomy and Crop Science, Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Food Science, Natural Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Journalism, Dairy Science, Biochemistry, Forest and Wildlife Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Entomology and much more.

The Universities: Cornell University, UC Davis, Iowa State, Texas A&M University, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, University of Florida, Colorado State, Stanford, University of Minnesota, University of Georgia and much more.

For undergraduate opportunities:

Look at exchange programs as they are the most common form to choose from with many pre-established relationships with institutions in the U.S. For a better idea of what programs to pick and where to go, visit your university’s international center for more information.

For graduate opportunities:

The most important thing to do is identify your specific specialization. Fulbright Scholarships are a great way to take advantage your academic advancement as well as saying on money. Check out the Department of State sponsored exchange programs here. Upon completion of many graduate programs, students can work in the U.S. without a separate work visa. This can be excellent work experience that you can use to build your future career.

General Advice – Be Open! (and do your research)

Lots of opportunities from the Ivy League to smaller State Colleges to small community colleges.

English is important, but many universities have special programs for international students to sharpen their English skills before substantive studies. (i.e. English Language Institute at the University of Florida).

A wide range of financial resources such as scholarships, grants and work-study programs are available, even for international students.

Visit EducationUSA for the best information for international students looking to study in the U.S.