St. Louis Symphony Musicians Engage Adults and Children in Madrid

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Taking advantage of the presence in Madrid of the St. Louis Symphony during its tour in Spain, a group of four musicians performed at the “Madrid-Puerta de Atocha” train station and the “Niño Jesús” children’s public hospital on the morning of Friday, February 10. They started the day playing for travelers and onlookers as part of national railroad manager ADIF’s “Open Station” cultural program. They then went on to the “Niño Jesús” children’s hospital and performed at the auditorium for an audience consisting mostly of patients who attend the hospital school, along with parents, teachers and hospital staff. They then went to the ICU to play a few more pieces. This activity was organized in collaboration with the Hospital’s Patient Care Department and School. On both occasions, the musicians performed, among others, pieces by U.S. composers such as Eric Ewazen, Kim Portnoy and George Gershwin.