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Social Security Statements

I do not have access to mySocialSecurity.  How do I obtain my Social Security Statement?

Customers that do not have access to mySocialSecurity (usually because they do not have a U.S. address that can be verified by credit reporting bureaus) may request their Social Security Statement using the electronic version of Form SSA-7004.  This form should be completed online, printed, and sent by regular mail to the address provided on the form.

You should receive your paper Social Security Statement in the mail in four to six weeks.

How do I correct the address on my Social Security Statement which I receive each year?

Until you actually apply for benefit payments, we do not keep your current address on record at the Social Security Administration. When we mail your automatic Social Security Statement to you, we use the address provided to us by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Your address will be automatically updated when you file your next U.S. Tax Return or you can correct the address that IRS has on file by completing Form 8822 (PDF 244K) and mailing it to IRS.