Sefarad-Israel Center and the Embassy Collaborate on a Recital Paying Tribute to George Gershwin

On July 19, Deputy Chief of Mission Benjamin Ziff spoke at the concert “Gershwin and Improvised Jazz”, an event organized by the Sefarad-Israel Center with collaboration from the US Embassy. Mr. Ziff emphasized the importance of Gershwin’s work in U.S. and musical history, and how glad the Embassy is to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Gershwin’s birth with those who appreciate the iconic work of this musician. A duet – composed of a masterful pianist and a passionate singer – skillfully improvised Gershwin’s famous creations, touching on themes from love to strolling in the park. At the end of the concert, the performers were so applauded they performed an encore. On September 26, Gershwin’s 120th birthday, the Embassy has organized an additional concert in the American Space Madrid. We hope to see you there!