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Reporting a New Address to Social Security

Reporting a change of address can be done in writing, with your signature. We no longer accept email reports.

Note: Until you actually apply for benefit payments, we do not keep your current address on record at the Social Security Administration. When we mail your automatic Social Security Statement to you, we use the address provided to us by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Your address will be automatically updated when you file your next U.S. Tax Return or you can correct the address that IRS has on file by completing the Form 8822 and mailing it to IRS – IRS Form 8822 (PDF 244K).

To report a change of address, send your written request, and form SSA-21 if needed (see below), to:

U.S. Embassy Madrid
Federal Benefits Unit
Serrano 75
28006 Madrid

Include your nameSocial Security Claim Numberold address, new address, and a daytime telephone number where we can reach you if needed. Also, confirm if your bank details are to remain unchanged.

If you are moving from the U.S. you will ALSO need to provide a completed Form SSA-21 (PDF 148K), Supplement To Claim Of Person Outside The United States,  Form SSA-21 – all questions must be answered and legible. 

Important: If you are also reporting a change of address, please go to the Requesting or Reporting a Change of Direct Deposit for Benefits.