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Reception for Departing IVLPs in Partnership with VIA Circulo Jefferson IVLP Alumni Association
March 14, 2022

Ambassador Reynoso hosted on March 11th a brunch reception at her residence to honor the 24 Spanish International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) grantees, from Madrid, Barcelona and Andorra who will travel simultaneously to the United States at the end of the month. The event celebrated that after two years of virtual programs, these grantees will be the first from Spain to re-inaugurate the long-awaited in-person IVLP exchange season.  Eight grantees will participate in a “U.S.-European Security Issues” project, five in a “Current Issues for Young Leaders” project, five in a “Global Economic Cooperation” project, and six in a “Role of U.S. Civil Society in the Integration of Immigrants.” Encarnita del Amor, President of VIA Circulo Jefferson, the Spanish IVLP alumni association, and four VIA members who had each traveled as IVs on very similar projects,  took the word to tell the departing IVs about their past experience in the program.  In her remarks, the Ambassador highlighted the Embassy’s continuing support for maintaining a dialogue with and a connection to the energetic Spanish network of IVLP alumni.