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Public Diplomacy Section
October 11, 2023

The diplomatic officials and local staff of the Public Diplomacy Section of the US Embassy in Madrid and the Consulate in Barcelona promote and explain US government policies and processes, as well as the values and culture of the American people. Working closely with Spanish government officials at national, regional and local levels, as well as the private institutions and organizations that form Spanish civil society, they strive to strengthen existing institutional, educational, and cultural ties between the peoples of the United States and Spain, while also developing new areas of cooperation in such fields of mutual interest as counterterrorism, law enforcement, commerce, energy security, environmental preservation, and respect for diversity and human rights.

Public Diplomacy has offices in the Madrid Embassy and the Barcelona Consulate.


  • Jon Piechowski – Counselor for Public Affairs
  • Jamie Martin – Shared Values
  • Justen Thomas – Education, Economy and the Environment
  • Nicole Callahan – Security and Defense