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Passports for Children

This service requires an appointment:

To request an appointment at one of the Consular Agencies, please send an email to the Consular Agency.

All passport applications and renewals for children under 16 years of age must comply with the following requirements:

    • Your passport application form must be completed online using the passport application wizard, printed, and brought with you to your appointment (print one-sided pages only, bar code appearing in upper left-hand corner).There are no public printing facilities at the Consulate.  Applicants arriving without the printed online passport application, correct passport photos, and their most recent U.S. passport will be asked to reschedule their appointments.
    • Both parents must sign the application form DS-11 in front of the acceptance officer. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST LIST THE APPLICANT’S U.S. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ON THE APPLICATION.
    • The child must be present at the time of the passport application.
    • The child’s original birth certificate or original Consular Report of Birth Abroad, showing the parents’ names, must be presented each time. A “libro de familia” cannot be used in lieu of a birth certificate. Both parents will have to present valid photo identification documents (passport or Spanish DNI or resident card).  Please bring one photocopy of each document you submit (applicant’s passport, parents’ ids, child’s birth certificate, and/or custody document).

<li”>One 2”x2” (5x5cm) passport picture.  Full face looking forward, no plastic photos accepted, taken within the last 6 months with a white background, and no smile.  You must remove your eye glasses, sunglasses, hats, hair bands or anything on your head. There is a photo booth inside the premises of the Embassy/Consulate General and the fee is €5.00.  Use 5 Euro bill or the equivalent in 1 and 2 Euros coins. You may also pay with a credit card.

If there are extraordinary circumstances and both parents cannot submit the application together, for example if one parent is not present in country, the absent parent must submit a DS-3053 (PDF 52K) Statement of Consent form notarized in the United States or at a U.S. embassy, consulate, or consular agency.

The parent must present an appropriate identity document, as well as providing a photocopy of the same identity document at the time the DS-3053 (PDF 52K) form is executed before a notary.

If a single parent has sole custody of the child, the applying parent may furnish one of the following documents as proof of the custodial relationship:

  • Child’s birth certificate listing only the applying parent;
  • Adoption decree (if applying parent is sole adopting parent);
  • Court Order granting sole legal custody to the applying parent (i.e., the absent parent has no access to the child, and the child’s travel must not be restricted by that order);
  • Death certificate of the non-applying parent; or
  • Judicial declaration of incompetence of non-applying parent.
  • Please bring one photocopy of each document you submit.  The fee for each photocopy made in the Consular Section is $1 or the Euro equivalent.
Return of Passports

DHL label is required. Please strictly follow instructions on the link.