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Office of Defense Cooperation
May 10, 2023


(as of April 2022)

  1. Enhance long-term bilateral defense relationship between Spain and the U.S. via:
    • Security Assistance programs
    • Defense Cooperation in Armaments
    • Bilateral Exercises and Personnel Exchange Programs
  2. Implement the 1988 U.S.-Spain Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC), as revised by the Three Protocols of Amendment to the ADC, via the U.S.-Spain Permanent Committee. Key ADC mission areas include:
    • Basing and Access
    • Programs and Exercises
    • Aircraft/Personal Clearances
  3. Support U.S. national security policy objectives.
  4. Provide counsel to the Ambassador as integral member of the Embassy’s country team.


(as of April 2022)  

U.S. ODC Spain is headed by the ODC Chief.  The Chief also serves as the President of the U.S. Section of the Permanent Committee (PC).  The bilateral PC manages access and diplomatic authorizations for U.S. DoD aircraft and personnel in Spain, develops solutions for crisis management and contingency operations, and serves as a forum for both governments to pass official political-military communications to one another.  The PC oversees the implementation and interpretation of the US-Spain Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC), the bilateral agreement underlying U.S. military cooperation with Spain including operations at both Morón Air Base and Naval Station Rota.   

Please refer to Foreign Clearance Guide for Spain country clearance information.   

The U.S. ODC Chief is also responsible to the Commander of USEUCOM and the U.S. Ambassador to Spain for the implementation and administration of Security Cooperation in Spain.  U.S. ODC Spain is divided into several Sections, including Defense Cooperation in Armaments (DCA), Security Cooperation (SC), and Support.   

Defense Cooperation in Armaments (DCA) Section  

The ODC’s DCA Section facilitates defense industrial cooperation between the U.S. and Spanish Governments and industries via cooperative Research, Development, and Acquisition programs, Engineer and Scientist Exchanges, Data Exchange Agreements; Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Exchanges, and industrial cooperation.  Additionally, the DCA Section serves as the focal point for U.S. defense industry representatives trying to gain a better understanding of the Spanish defense industry, and processes U.S. export licenses in partnership with the U.S. Department of State.  

Security Cooperation (SC) Section  

The ODC’s Security Cooperation Officers interface with the Spanish military services to establish and administer government to government sales of U.S.-origin defense articles via the U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.  This includes the acquisition by Spain of major weapon systems and associated equipment, follow-on technical assistance, and logistics support.  The SC Section also manages a comprehensive FMS Training Program including Spanish access to U.S. Professional Military Education, pilot training, management training, technical courses and English language training.  Finally, SC Section helps organize and authorize formal and informal bilateral exercises and other military-to-military engagements.    

Support Section  

The ODC’s Support Section provides administrative solutions for the Office, such as budget analysis, comptroller functions, procurement, contracting, information technology infrastructure management, and formal correspondence with the Government of Spain.  The Support Section also performs a number of additional functions, including statutory End Use Monitoring (EUM) of U.S. defense articles and services that have been sold, leased, or exported under the Foreign Assistance Act of the Arms Export Control Act.  

Agreement on Defense Cooperation

Agreement on Defense Cooperation

Information for Spanish Military Personnel in the U.S.

Office of Defense Cooperation