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NASA Deputy Associate Administrator Engages A2A Alumni at the American Space and Public High School Students i
January 22, 2020

Badri Younes made time within his busy schedule in Madrid to engage both with A2A alumni at the at the American Space Madrid on January 15th and with high school students of the IES El Burgo-Ignacio Echeverría public bilingual school in Las Rozas, on January 16th.  His talk, entitled “A Journey of Exploration and Discoveries”  was a visual exploration of all of the amazing science across the solar system and the universe that has been – and continues to be – enabled by NASA’s robotic missions and deep space telescopes. The presentation set the stage with a brief overview of space communications and navigation, including NASA’s deep space network, and highlighting the important role that the Robledo de Chavela Deep Space Communications Complex plays in NASA missions.  Mr. Younes also explored some the big questions NASA and its partners are still seeking to answer as we reach further into space and NASA’s major areas of study—the Earth, the sun, the planets, and the universe beyond—as well as topics such as astrophysics, the big bang, black holes, and dark matter.