Isabel Gates Participates at Aging 2.0

Isabel Gates

The World Health Organization projects that by 2050, the population of people aged 60 and older will reach almost 2.1 billion, more than doubling its size in 2015. The aging of the world population will bring with it significant social and economic shifts, as communities change to meet the needs of their changing demographics. In response to these changing demographics, Aging 2.0 was formed – to bring together innovators from across the world with the mission of using technology to improve the lives of seniors, treating our aging population not as a problem, but as an opportunity.

Aging 2.0 seeks to establish an “ecosystem of innovation” that is international, interdisciplinary, intergenerational and interactive. On Jun. 26, 2017, Isabel Gates, program director with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, joined Aging 2.0 Madrid for a discussion on innovation, accessibility and entrepreneurship at Google Campus Madrid. Ms. Gates highlighted some of the State Department’s tools for bringing together diverse perspectives to solve unique problems, such as the Zoohackathon, which has brought together conservationists, wildlife specialists, programmers and entrepreneurs to come up with practical, technical solutions to problems such as illegal hunting. Ms. Gates spoke on the value of partnerships across government and business sectors to address global challenges.  For more information, visit: