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Importers Assistance
May 22, 2023

U.S. agricultural exporters offer a diversity of healthy, superior-quality products at competitive prices. Whether seeking fresh or processed foods, bulk commodities, ingredients or food service products, U.S. food exporters stand ready to fill your order.

U.S. Suppliers List Online

FAS provides two online databases where you can identify U.S. exporters, specific U.S. agricultural products, and/or current European importers of U.S. agricultural products. These web-based databases below may help you locate U.S. products.

Specific Product List

However, we encourage you to contact us directly. We will make every attempt to help you find the right group of U.S. exporters who will be ready to fill your orders. For direct access to the support of our offices, please e-mail us at AgMadrid@usda.gov.

Foreign Visitor Planner

In the United States, we have a variety of fairs and promotional events where you can learn more about innovative U.S. agricultural products. If you would like more information about these events, please click on these links USDA Trade Shows in the United States and around the world.

We can also assist domestic buying groups to make appointments with elements of the U.S. food production, processing and delivery system, providing opportunities to enrich your knowledge of U.S. agricultural products. For help planning a visit to the United States, e-mail us at AgMadrid@usda.gov.