Hilton Hopes Recruitment Day

On March 9th Monica Palid, the intern in the office of Public Diplomacy, participated in Recruitment Day for the philanthropic project Hilton Hopes, organized in conjunction with the local NGO Pinardi that primarily serves immigrant youth from Latin America and North Africa. Eighteen youth were chosen by the Pinardi organization to participate in this year’s project. This event on March 9th, 2016 at the Hilton Madrid Airport Hotel was the culmination of four months of training these youth had received by hotel staff: this was the day the program participants would participate in formal interviews and simulations, at the end of which ten would be offered an internship at the Hilton. Monica Palid, as the representative from the U.S. Embassy, contributed to the event by participating in a series of role-plays, in which the applicant was graded on their interaction with a native English speaker. This event provided the unique opportunity for the Embassy to support the joint philanthropic work of an American company and a local NGO, while promoting the importance of English education.