Go! Students Visit NASA

On Sunday June 17th, Go American English! students at the International Studies Foundation were invited by NASA to visit its Madrid´s Deep Space Communications Complex in Robledo de Chavela, and were impressed to see and learn about NASA’s international array of giant radio antennas supporting numerous interplanetary spacecraft missions. After visiting the station’s museum (housing space artifacts and educational exhibits) and learning about NASA´s past and current missions, they participated in a very special workshop taught by a NASA educator who explained some basic principles of rocketry and helped them build a model rocket with a 1.5 liters plastic soda bottle. They then launched their “rockets”  at the station´s front lawn, watching them sail above the station. Following the visit, several students asked how they could volunteer to work for NASA. Of course, the answer they heard was that to break into this career, boys and girls need to excel in science and math at school and university, so the challenge was set!