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Go American English!
March 2, 2022

Go American English! Is a 2-years cycle of an English Micro-scholarship Program.  It will provide a foundation of English language skills to bright 14 to 16 year old students from disadvantaged sectors through after school English classes and intensive sessions.  The program seeks to prepare students for conversational English language skills with both non-native and native American English Teachers.

It will also give participants the opportunity to gain an appreciation for U.S. culture and values, increase their ability to participate successfully in the socio-economic development of Spain, and improve their ability to compete to participate in future U.S. educational and exchange programs.


  • 4 hours per week of English Language classes (Evening of Tuesdays & Thursdays)
  • Free textbooks and course materials
  • Possibility of free transportation, when needed
  • Enhacement activities, such as theater, film, exhibits, social entrepreneurship and community service projects,  expert speaker talks on a wide variety of subjects, etc.
  • Intensive summer learning activities

Applicant Requirements:

  • Be a Spanish national or a resident in Spain
  • Be enrolled in 2nd ESO in a public or charter school.
  • Grade Point Average of 6,00 in 1st ESO
  • Possess an elemental level of English
  • Household income below the 2016 Madrid household income average (12,647€)

Go American English! is currently available in Madrid at two different locations: