Go American English! Grantees Visit Madrid’s Google Headquarters

On December 21, 2017, the 22 current Go American English! grantees at the International Studies Foundation (FIS) got the opportunity to visit Google’s headquarters in Madrid.  Several volunteers guided them around their facilities at Torre Picasso, a skyscraper designed by famous American architect Minoru Yamasaki, that for many years was the tallest building in Madrid.  The students were amazed by the cutting edge office design and the sense of freedom and creativity it ignites.   They visited the games room, where Googlers shared information on the products they use in their daily life, and highlighted the importance of having strong English capabilities in order to be competitive in future job markets.  They also met the Spanish Language Manager who explained how they could help this company improve by reporting linguistic mistakes or detecting improvable translations.  They were trained on error detection by reviewing some false-friend-expressions (i.e. words that are similar to Spanish words but have a different meaning).  The Education Manager showed them the different devices and software that Google offers to schools in Spain, and gave them information about the company’s contests and funding for projects.  Aside from enjoying the visit, Go! students learned that they will have to plan ahead for their futures and were encouraged to focus on preparing for jobs that do not yet even exist.