Go American English! Graduation Ceremony & Prom

On the evening of Tuesday June 11, the U.S. Embassy celebrated the graduation of 42 participants of our Go American English! conversation English program.  We were joined by the program implementers and Embassy partners, Fundación Tomillo, and the Foundation for International Studies.  Following the Access English Mircroscholarship Program model implemented by the same two providers from 2015-17, these 14-16 years olds participated in afterschool classes over two years to better their English language skills and learn more about U.S. society, culture, and values.  Speaking at the Ambassador’s Residence, Chargé d’Affaires Benjamin Ziff encouraged the students to continue their English language learning now and throughout their lives in order to improve their academic and job opportunities.  Students then spoke about the valuable knowledge they gained through the program as well as the unique experiences it offered them, such as a visit to NASA’s deep space tracking facility at Robledo de Chavela.  To replicate one last American tradition, the celebration continued with a “prom” dance.