Global Classrooms 10th Edition

Global Classrooms is a highly innovative educational program in which students from bilingual high schools of the Community of Madrid put themselves in the shoes of ambassadors of UN member states on different UN committees. The students have the opportunity to develop capabilities required today of global citizens. Students at 28 public schools have been participating for months in the Global Classrooms program, with the help of their Fulbright Conversation Assistants, by learning to do in-depth research into the issues assigned and to approach them from the perspective of the countries they have been assigned to represent. The subject matter is varied and mirrors the major issues that confront the international community: human rights, child labor, global warming, the IMF and debt cancellation, etc. They also learn UN procedure, protocol and terminology, along with, naturally, how to discuss, debate, reach agreement and draft motions and resolutions together with students from other participating schools, also simulating being the ambassadors of other UN member states. Every year, the US Embassy in Madrid sponsors the participation of ten students from the Community of Madrid in the Global Classroom International Model UN Conference in New York, which over the last decade has attracted over de 48,000 secondary students from 250 high schools in 20 countries. This year’s conference was attended by nearly 1,000 high school students from countries all over the world. Student participants get the opportunity to work inside of the United Nations building, as the opening conference takes place there, as well as to visit other emblematic sites in the Big Apple.