GirlsTech Visits Art in Embassies Collection


The residence of the American Ambassador opened its door to show the Art in Embassies collection to a group of girls ages 8-13, interested in technology and participants in the GirlsTech program. It was the last tour of Ambassador Costos’ collection before the works are returned to the museums, collectors and artists that loaned them out. The students commented on the American and Spanish art works with the Cultural Attaché and members of the Cultural Section throughout their tour of works of Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Motherwell, Cristina Iglesias, Josef Albers, Esteban Vicente, Julie Merehtu, Theaster Gates, and Glenn Ligon, among many others. There was also a discussion on what an embassy is, on educational and cultural exchanges, and on the importance of having training in science and technology to be able to choose quality employment in any sector, along with vital role played by girls and young women by not limiting themselves to traditional roles and employment, but aspiring to acquire the best training in any field they choose. The topics especially focused on in this collection were also discussed: diversity, effort and personally overcoming difficulties, and entrepreneurship in pursuing each person’s dreams with no limits or stereotypes. Thank you GirlsTech for your messages, that encourage us to continue working to promote educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and Spain!