FitChallenge 2019

Welcome to the FitChallenge 2019, the US Embassy’s competition for health! Over the next few weeks, Spanish staff, US diplomats and their families are embarking on a competition that is more just than a challenge: we plan to change our habits, eat healthy, exercise and lose weight. Only one group can win. Do you want to know which team will get the prize? Follow us on social media and find out!

  1. FitChallenge 2019: Arrancamos
  2. FitChallenge 2019: Andar, el mejor ejercicio
  3. Fitchallenge 2019: Con sentido común y control médico
  4. FitChallenge 2019: Cardio, aumentamos pulsaciones
  5. FitChallenge 2019: Hoy toca correr
  6. FitChallenge 2019: Nuestros ganadores son los que más pierden