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Experience the U.S. in Spain
April 19, 2022


American Spaces

Explore the platforms for American cultural outreach in Barcelona, Valencia and Cuenca, the cooperation projects between the U.S. Embassy and local organizations in Spain.

International Institute

The International Institute has promoted educational and cultural exchange between Spain and the U.S. for more than 120 years and is today a meeting point for the culture from both countries in Madrid. The International Institute offers a Language and North American Culture Program, organizes cultural activities including colloquiums, concerts, seminars, and film series, and runs and maintains a library that reflects its interest in Spanish and U.S. cultures.

Instituto Franklin

The Instituto Franklin is the only University Institute for Research on North America in Spain.

American University Programs in Spain

There is a large number of Academic Year Abroad programs of American Universities in Spain. Most of them are associated to APUNE (Association of American University Programs in Spain).