Office of Defense Cooperation

(as of June 21, 2016)

  1. Enhance long-term bilateral defense relationship between Spain and the U.S. via:
    • Security Assistance programs
    • Defense Cooperation in Armaments
    • Bilateral Exercises and Personnel Exchange Programs
  2. Implement the 1989 U.S.-Spain Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC), as revised by the Three Protocols of Amendment to the ADC, via the U.S.-Spain Permanent Committee. Key ADC mission areas include:
  3. Support U.S. national security policy objectives.
  4. Provide counsel to the Ambassador as integral member of the Embassy’s country team.


(as of November 7, 2012)

ODC Spain is headed by the ODC Chief, O-6. Reporting to the Chief are sections, consisting of Defense Cooperation in Armaments (DCA) and Security Assistance (SA), Permanent Committee (PC), and Support Personnel (staff aircraft and personnel clearance).

The Support section consists of Administrative Manager, Executive Assistant, Procurement Analyst, Comptroller, and Information Technology Specialist.

(as of March 11, 2015)

Chief, ODC Spain

The Chief, ODC Spain serves as the President of the U.S. Section of the Permanent Committee (PC), the governing body that establishes the framework for bilateral military cooperation between the U.S. and Spain. The Chief is also responsible to Cdr USEUCOM and the U.S. Ambassador for the implementation and administration of all aspects of Security Assistance (SA) and Defense Cooperation in Armaments (DCA) in Spain.

Tel: (34) 91-549-1339

Defense Cooperation in Armaments (DCA)

Facilitates defense industrial cooperation between the U.S. and Spanish Governments and industries via cooperative RD&A programs, Engineer and Scientist Exchange MoU, Data Exchange Agreement Annexes; Research, Development, Test and Evaluation MoU and U.S.-Spanish industrial cooperation. Additionally, serves as the focal point for U.S. defense industry representatives trying to gain a better understanding of and access to the Spanish defense industry and provides guidance regarding U.S. and Spain’s export license requirements.

Tel: (34) 91-543-2807

Security Assistance

The Security Assistance Officers interface with the Spanish military services to establish and process requirements that are to be satisfied via the U.S. Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales programs. These include acquisition of major weapon systems and equipment items, including follow-on technical assistance and logistics support. Additional duties include Security Program Manager and IT Manager.
Army – (34) 91-543-3208
Navy – (34) 91-543-3200
Air Force – (34) 91-543-3206

Training Programs

The Training Program Manager facilitates all training purchased by the Spanish military via Foreign Military Sales. This includes Professional Military Education, pilot training, management training, technical courses and English language training. Additionally, performs interpretation and translation duties related to training management documentation and conferences.

Tel: (34) 91-543-2801

Permanent Committee Operations

The Operations Officer is responsible for building training opportunities for U.S. and Spanish forces, obtaining shared access and diplomatic authorizations for U.S. DoD aircraft or personnel in Spain, developing solutions for emerging real world developments and operations, Army Security Assistance Programs, and other tasks as assigned (Force Protection, Emergency Action Planning, Security Manager, etc).

Staff Judge Advocate

The Staff Judge Advocate oversees the implementation and interpretation of the Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC). The ADC is a supplementary document to the NATO SOFA and is the fundamental source of law for U.S.
military activities and operations at both Moron Air Base and Naval Station Rota.

Tel: (34) 91-549-0945

End Use and Military Assistant Program Manager

The End Use Monitoring  and Military Assistant Program Manager monitors defense articles and services that have been sold, leased, or exported under the Aeca and the FAA, including the Military Assistance Program, Excess Defense Articles (EDA), Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and drawdowns in accordance with U.S. policy.

Tel: (34) 91-543-2849

Budget Analyst

The Budget Analyst controls the ODC budget comprised of SA, DCA, and OMA funding sources. All ODC expenditures are worked through the Budget Analyst. Identifies and programs ODC operating funds by building and monitoring annual spending plans.

Tel: (34) 91-543-3209

Administrative Management

The Administration Office manages the flow of correspondence, maintains publications, and handles personnel actions for the ODC staff.

Tel: (34) 91-549-1339

Procurement Analyst

The Procurement Analyst obtains and controls all supplies and equipment utilize by ODC personnel. In addition to procurement responsibility, this position is also responsible for additional duties including travel arrangements, protocol, service contracts, and facility maintenance.

Tel: (34) 91-543-6013

Aircraft and Personnel Clearance Requirements

The Aircraft and Personnel Clearance Office Coordinates and negotiates 6,000+ diplomatic flight clearances and 1,500+ personnel clearances with Spanish officials for all Department of Defense (DoD) aircraft entries, exits and overflights of Spain.  This includes time-sensitive air operation clearances in support of U.S, NATO, and NASA.

Please refer to Foreign Clearance Guide for Spain country clearance information.