Research Unit

Research Unit

The Research Unit is the research, analysis and outreach unit of the Madrid Public Diplomacy (PD) section. It serves the Embassy’s internal clients as well as policymakers, legislators, think tanks, journalists, university professors, researchers, etc. The Research Unit specializes on topics such as U.S. Government policies, U.S. legislation and regulations, the environment, the justice system, statistics, official reports and studies, as well as business, trade and the economy.

Additionally, the Research Unit provides a set of services via the Internet, in order to facilitate your search for information about the U.S. from your own computer:

First you will find in the Basic Information webpage a collection of key documents on the United States and its history, the political, economic and social system, and the media. Additionally you also can consult the webpages named Frequently Asked Questions performed Embassy’s users and Virtual Reference Service that will allow access, via hyperlinks, to the most common American information sources.

Finally, the Research Unit also provides Dossiers on current issues such as Security Policy and Defense, Energy Policy, Economic Policy and U.S. Bilateral Relations.

Notice: The Research Unit does not provide consular information, nor information on visas, ESTA or passports. Please visit the Visas and the U.S. Citizen Service webpages.

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