Public Diplomacy

The Public Diplomacy Section (PD) promotes and explains U.S. government policies and processes, as well as the values, culture and history of the United States. Working closely with local government officials, political parties, academics, think tanks, media outlets, cultural institutions, businesses, foundations, and non-governmental organizations we strive to strengthen existing institutional, educational, and cultural ties between the United States and the consular district while also developing new areas of cooperation in fields of mutual interest. Our goal is to serve as a bridge of understanding between the U.S. and Spain as we advance U.S. interests and foreign policy.

PD invites U.S. academics, scholars, government officials, representatives of civil society and other speakers to share their personal experiences and professional expertise with a variety of audiences from across the consular district.  In collaboration with universities, foundations, media and other stakeholders, PD arranges meetings, conferences, seminars and networking events to optimize the reach and impact of these guest speakers.  The consulate also sponsors different types of cultural activities such as film series, festivals, exhibits and other events showcasing the diversity of American culture, society and values.

After identifying prominent Spanish political, social, economic and young leaders of the consular district, PD facilitates their travel to the United States through specific exchange programs so that they can meet with their American counterparts.  Through such exchanges, visitors obtain first-hand information about U.S. institutions related to their own activity and also learn about American society, values, and culture.

This program fosters American English and promotes a better understanding of the United States, its society, history and values among students in our consular district. Connect-US helps students expand upon their notions of the United States through activities, talks, interactive classroom events, and the distribution of materials and online resources that advance both English teaching and learning. In Catalunya, we articulate this program in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Generalitat.

The IRC is a research and reference facility that provides comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information about the United States to target audiences and institutions in the consular district.  Focusing on current social, political, and policy developments in the United States, the IRC creates an electronic monthly outreach product—entitled Docualert—that highlights a broad range of content from government agencies and think tanks, as well as articles from leading U.S. journals. These materials cover international relations, U.S. foreign and domestic policies, and trends.

PD manages the Consulate’s relationship with the media in the consular district, responding to all media queries, coordinating interviews, and distributing press releases.

PD also oversees the Consulate’s website and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr).