2018 Youth Leadership Program Form

2018 YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM –  Enabling Southern Europe Youth Activism

This student application form has to be completed online.  In addition to filling this form, you have to attach the following documents:

  1. A signed letter from your parents or legal guardian authorizing your eventual participation in this program.
  2. Official School Transcript (minimum Grade Point Average: 8)
  3. English language certificate issued by your school showing a minimum grade of “A” or equivalent.
  4. Proof of participation in volunteer or community service activities.
  5. Link to your YouTube video

Please keep the attachments to a minimum and bear in mind that the maximum size of each attachment is 5 megas

  • Student Information

  • School Information

  • Information on Parent(s) or Guardian

  • Languages

  • Volunteerism and Community Service

  • ESSAY TOPIC: The Challenges for Media in the 21st Century

    Please write an essay reflecting on the following concepts based on your daily experiences: trustworthy reporting, information accuracy, ethics, objectivity, and disinformation.
  • Please respond to the essay question in clear and concise English. Although we will be evaluating your English skills, we are most interested in your ideas. Please limit your statement to a maximum of 500 words.
  • YouTube VIDEO

  • Attachments