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The American Spaces Program in Spain (ASP Spain) grew out of a cooperation project between the U.S. Embassy and local organizations in Spain aimed at achieving a more fluid relationship with Spaniards interested in the United States.

The American Spaces Program in Spain offers programming covering five major areas as follows:

  • English teaching and learning – The American Spaces collection contains online resources for the study of English and hosts a wide variety of activities aimed at English learning, including fostering study through the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offered by major American universities by “enhancing” them through classroom orientation and support sessions.
  • EducationUSA – The official source of educational counseling for students interested in pursuing undergraduate and/or graduate studies at U.S. universities, including the prestigious Fulbright program. Programs and activities are organized for interested students and information sessions are offered by Fulbright Commission experts.
  • Cultural activities – Include American film-showings, art exhibits, concerts, story-telling, workshops of all types, speakers, etc.
  • State Department alumni programs –American Spaces are an outstanding platform for the former participants (alumni) of the different U.S. government-sponsored Exchange programs, enabling them, among other things, to exchange experiences.
  • Information on the United States – Includes offering U.S. expert speakers, a large collection of online resources and information sources on a wide variety of topics. Speaker programs both in person and online are organized on a variety of subjects, including U.S. visas, U.S. history, employability and entrepreneurship. By providing access to the different U.S. data bases contained in eLibraryUSA, and ebook lending, American Spaces offer access to materials that are not customarily used outside the United States.

The U.S. Department of State has a network of over 650 American Spaces all over the world, through which it provides in-depth information on the U.S. and promotes the establishment of relationships between Americans and host country citizens, fostering constructive dialog on U.S. politics, society and values.

At present there are two American Spaces in Spain:

American Space Valencia opened in 2013 under an agreement with the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

American Space Barcelona opened in 2016 under an agreement with Biblioteques de Barcelona and the District of Sant Andreu in Barcelona.

The American Spaces are open to working together with all types of entities and institutions in Spain, including the private sector, universities, schools and other civil society organizations.

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American Spaces in Spain

American Space Valencia

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