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Demonstrations Planned for April 29-May 06, 2022
April 29, 2022

The Government Delegation in Madrid has authorized the following demonstrations. This list is not comprehensive.


29-Apr-2022 1000-1400 Labor issues: dental hygienists P.º del Prado 18-0
29-Apr-2022 1030-1330 To protest the Disability Care Sector Agreement Avenida de América 25-0
30-Apr-2022 1200-1300 “Live and let live.  Abortion and Euthanasia.  Enough!” Pl. de las Cortes
30-Apr-2022 1700-1900 To demand an end to politicians’ privileges

**Expected attendance: 600

Pl. de las Cortes
30-Apr-2022 1700-1900 To protest the current crisis

**Expected attendance: 1,000

Carrera de S. Jerónimo, Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, C. del Carmen, Pl. del Callao, C/ Gran Vía, Plaza de España
30-Apr-2022 1700-2030 To support tutored minors’ rights Plaza de España, C/ Gran Vía, Pl. del Callao, C. de Preciados, Pl. de Isabel II
30-Apr-2022 1730-2100 To support Human Rights in China Pl. del Callao
01-May-2022 1100-1500 May 1st Celebrations

**Expected attendance: 25,000

C/ Gran Vía 1-0, Pl. de España
01-May-2022 1130-1430 May 1st Celebrations

**Expected attendance: 2,000

Pl. Mayor, C. de Toledo, Gta. de la Prta de Toledo, Gran Vía de San Francisco, C. San Buenaventura, Pl. de Gabriel Miró
01-May-2022 1200-1400 Labor issues: homecare workers

**Expected attendance: not available

Pl. Mayor
01-May-2022 1200-1500 May 1st Celebrations

**Expected attendance: 500

C. de Atocha, Rda. de Atocha, C. de Valencia, Pl. Lavapiés, C. del Ave María, Calle de la Magdalena, Plazuela de Antón Martín, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente
01-May-2022 1200-1400 May 1st Celebrations

**Expected attendance: 1,000

C. de Bravo Murillo 350-0, Gta. de Cuatro Caminos, Calle del Dr. Santero
01-May-2022 1230-1430 In support of Ukraine

**Expected attendance: 500

Pl. de Colón, Plaza Cibeles
01-May-2022 1400-2200 May 1st Celebrations C. de Embajadores 68-0
01-May-2022 1400-1500 Labor issues: Los 100 Montaditos workers Pl. de las Cortes 3-0
01-May-2022 1700-2030 In support of animals’ rights C. de la Montera 47-0
02-May-2022 1800-1900 In defense of Spain’s unity, sovereignty, integrity, freedom, and independence Pl. de la Lealtad
03-May-2022 0930-1130 To protest delays in granting physical and organic disability status P.º del Prado 18-0
04-May-2022 1200-1400 Labor issues:  doctors

**Expected attendance: 3,000

Pl. de las Cortes
04-May-2022 1200-1400 In support of lottery sector and increase of commissions

**Expected attendance: 2,000

C. de Alcalá 5-0
05-May-2022 1600-1800 Marching in support of Ukraine Recoletos 19-0, Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena 11-0
05-May-2022 1900-2000 In support of Primary Healthcare centers in Arganzuela C. de Toledo 180-0
05-May-2022 1900-2000 Against Franco’s impunity Prta del Sol
06-May-2022 1530-1700 To demand improvements around schools C. de Toledo
06-May-2022 1630-2100 To demand improvements around schools **Expected attendance: 500 Plaza Cibeles, Pl. de la Independencia
06-May-2022 2000-2200 To increase awareness of our country’s problems Plaza de España
06-May-2022 2030-2139 To protest laws against human beings Pl. del Callao