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Demonstrations in Madrid planned for October 7-14, 2022
October 7, 2022

Demonstrations 751x451

The Government Delegation in Madrid has authorized the following demonstrations. This list is not comprehensive.

07-Oct-2022 0900-1300 Wage Justice – International Day for Decent Work.

** Expected attendance.: 700

Calle de Diego de León 50
08-Oct-2022 1200-1600 Show dissatisfaction with the urgency of the Trans Law Project, etc.

** Expected attendance.: 1000

Pl. de Juan Goytisolo
08-Oct-2022 1200-1400 Defense of the rights of those affected by Persistent Covid, Myalgia Encephalomyelitis and other post-viral diseases.

** Expected attendance.: 500

Plaza de Callao, 3
08-Oct-2022 19000-2000 To make adult autism visible, to defend the respect for the autistic identity and to claim their autonomy and main roll to talk and manage everything related to their condition.

** Expected attendance.: 2000

Plaza de España
09-Oct-2022 1200-2400 Against the tax increase and resignation of the Government.

** Expected attendance.: 100000

Prta del Sol, C. de Carretas, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, C. de Atocha, P.º del Prado, Pl. de las Cortes
10-Oct-2022 1800-2030 World Mental Health Day, etc.

** Expected attendance.: 600

C. de Atocha, P.º del Prado, Plaza Cibeles
12-Oct-2022 1100-1200 To protest the current crisis suffered by the citizens

** Expected attendance.: 50000

Prta del Sol, Pl. de las Cortes
12-Oct-2022 1600-2400 Let’s decolonize – October 12 October nothing to celebrate.

** Expected attendance.: 3000

P.º del Prado, Pl. de Cánovas del Castillo, Rda.

de Valencia, C. de Embajadores 51,

14-Oct-2022 1200-1400 Demand transparency in the homologation of dentists, etc.

** Expected attendance.: 250

P.º de la Castellana 162,
14-Oct-2022 2200-2400 Parade for the peace in the world, etc.

** Expected attendance:  1000

C. de la Princesa 43-0, P.º del Pintor Rosales, C.

de Ferraz, Pl. de España, C. de Bailén