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Demonstrations in Madrid planned for October 28-November 4, 2022
October 28, 2022

Demonstrations 751x451

The Government Delegation in Madrid has authorized the following demonstrations. This list is not comprehensive. 

28-Oct-2022 1130-1400 To protest the decrease in purchasing power C. de Alcalá 27-0, P.º de Recoletos 4-0, P.º de Recoletos 10-0
28-Oct-2022 1900-2100 To demand freedom for those captured for their participation in social outbreak from 2019 to today Plaza de la Independencia
29-Oct-2022 1130-1300 Pro-LiFe.  Against abortion

**Expected attendance: 500

C. de Domenico Scarlatti
29-Oct-2022 1200-1300 Holy Rosary prayer for Spain Plaza de las Cortes
29-Oct-2022 1230-1330 Falange founding act C. del Príncipe 14-0
29-Oct-2022 1700-1900 In defense of women’s rights in Iran

**Expected attendance: Not available

Plaza del Callao
29-Oct-2022 1700-2030 In defense of Human Rights in China Plaza del Callao
29-Oct-2022 1700-1900 In support of Iranian people and Human Rights Plaza Cibeles
30-Oct-2022 1200-1500 Report on animal exploitation industries C/ Gran Vía 23-0
30-Oct-2022 1200-1400 In support of Ukrainian people

**Expected attendance: 500

Plaza del Callao, Plaza Cibeles
30-Oct-2022 1200-1330 Peace in Europe. NO to war. Plaza de la Constitución
31-Oct-2022 1000-1400 Labor issues: road maintenance workers Paseo de la Castellana, 67, 28046 Madrid 1-67
31-Oct-2022 1200-1300 In support of the public pension system Plaza de las Cortes
02-Nov-2022 2000-2200 Against drugs and crime in Embajadores neighborhood C. del Mesón de Paredes
03-Nov-2022 1000-1400 “Salary or Conflict”

**Expected attendance: 8,000

C. de Toledo 103-0, Pl. Mayor
03-Nov-2022 1000-1400 “Salary or Conflict”

**Expected attendance: 8,000

C. de Atocha 105-0, Pl. de la Provincia, Pl. Mayor
03-Nov-2022 1000-1400 “Salary or Conflict”

**Expected attendance: 8,000

C. de Bailén 15-0, C. Mayor, Calle de Cdad. Rodrigo, Pl. Mayor
03-Nov-2022 1745-1930 To protest the poor-quality public education system Plaza del Callao
03-Nov-2022 1900-2100 To protest US blockade to Cuba

** Expected attendance 150

C. de Serrano 75-0

In front of US Embassy in Madrid (C/ Serrano)

03-Nov-2022 1930-2030 In defense of the Arganzuela District primary healthcare centers C. de Toledo 180-0
03-Nov-2022 2000-2100 Against Franco’s impunity Prta del Sol
04-Nov-2022 1030-1200 To protest the serious Human Rights crisis in Egypt C. de Velázquez 69-0
04-Nov-2022 2030-2130 To protest laws against human beings Plaza del Callao