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Demonstrations in Madrid planned for May 12-19, 2023
May 12, 2023

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The Government Delegation in Madrid has authorized the following demonstrations. This list is not comprehensive.


12-may-2023 2115-2400 Skating as a means of mobility

**Expected attendance: 400

Plaza Cibeles, Av. de Menéndez Pelayo, Rda. de Atocha, C. de Alejandro Dumas, Gta. Marqués de Vadillo, C. de Antonio López, Pl. de Legazpi, Paseo de las Delicias, Pl. del Emperador Carlos V, P.º del Prado, Plaza Cibeles
13-may-2023 1200-1400 To protest for the situation in Western Sahara Pl. de la Provincia
13-may-2023 1500-2000 Violation of fundamental rights of people at risk or in a condition of social exclusion Puerta del Sol 7-0
13-may-2023 1700-1900 To demand that Revolutionary Guards be included in the terrorist organizations listing Plaza de la Provincia – Ministry of Foreing Affairs
13-may-2023 1700-2130  

Tribute to Covid vaccine victims

**Expected attendance: 1500

Pl. de España
13-may-2023 1800-2000 Climate change Pl. de Isabel II
14-may-2023 1100-1600 In support of rural sector

**Expected attendance: not available

P.º de la Infanta Isabel, P.º del Prado, P.º de Recoletos, Pl. de Colón
14-may-2023 1200-1500 Solidarity with Palestinian people C. de Atocha, Pl. de la Provincia
14-may-2023 1200-1600 15M Anniversary C/ Gran Vía, Pl. del Callao, C. de Preciados, Prta del Sol
14-may-2023 1200-1400 ME/CFS International Awareness Day

**Expected attendance: 500

Plaza Callao 3-0
14-may-2023 1800-2000 To protest elections fraud in Paraguay Prta del Sol
15-may-2023 1200-1300 For a public system of guaranteed public pensions Pl. de las Cortes
16-may-2023 1630-1830 Labor issues: Firefighters P.º de Camoens, C. del Marqués de Urquijo, C. de Ferraz, Pl. de España, C. de Bailén, Prta del Sol, Pl. de las Cortes
17-may-2023 11301330 Highlight the discontent that our society lives Pl. de las Cortes
17-may-2023 1200-1400 Labor issues: Law Enforcement

**Expected attendance: 1000

C. de Amador de los Ríos 7-0
17-may-2023 1200-1400 Labor issues: Justice Administration workers

**Expected attendance: 500

C. de San Bernardo 45-0
18-may-2023 1000-1200 Labor issues: professional drivers Pl. de las Cortes
18-may-2023 1200-1400 Labor issues: Justice Administration workers

**Expected attendance: 1000

Pl. de las Cortes
18-may-2023 1300-1400 Labor issues: Public Defenders Prta del Sol
18-may-2023 1800-2400 Labor issues: public employees

**Expected attendance: 1000

C. de Alcalá 39-0, C. de Alcalá 3-0
18-may-2023 1830-2030 School Bullying Awareness Month C/ Alcala 30-40
18-may-2023 2000-2130 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB) Calle Infantas 40, Plaza de Pedro Zerolo 1, Plaza de la Memoria Trans 1, Plaza de Chueca 1, Calle Infantas 40
18-may-2023 2000-2100 Against Franco’s impunity Prta del Sol
19-may-2023 1200-1400 Labor issues: Private Air Traffic Controllers Pl. de las Cortes
19-may-2023 1800-2100 In support of Democracy in Senegal Pl. Lavapiés
19-may-2023 1900-2100 Against arms sales C/Alcalá, Spanish Army HQs
19-may-2023 1900-2100 To demand Health Ministry’s commitment to look after the good health of citizens P.º del Prado 18-0