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Demonstrations in Madrid planned for June 03-10, 2022
June 2, 2022

Demonstrations 751x451

The Government Delegation in Madrid has authorized the following demonstrations. This list is not comprehensive.


03-Jun-2022 1200-1300 Concerning the latest fatal workplace incident in the Community of Madrid Plaza Cibeles
03-Jun-2022 2000-2200 To increase society’s awareness of our country’s problems Plaza de España
03-Jun-2022 2030-2130 To protest laws against human beings Pl. del Callao
04-Jun-2022 1800-1930 In support of Rafael Marcos and his son C. de Alcalá 37-0
05-Jun-2022 1100-1400 World Bicycle Day. Against climate change

**Expected attendance: 700

Plaza Cibeles, Pl. de Colón, Calle de Goya, C. del Príncipe de Vergara, C. de Concepción Jerónima, Ronda de Toledo, P.º del Prado, Plaza Cibeles
05-Jun-2022 1130-1400 Against war in Ukraine

**Expected attendance: 500

Plaza de España, Pl. del Callao
05-Jun-2022 1800-2100 In defense of animals’ rights C. de la Montera 47-0
06-Jun-2022 1200-1300 In support of the public pension system Pl. de las Cortes
06-Jun-2022 1730-2100 In defense of Human Rights in China Pl. del Callao
07-Jun-2022 1100-1400 Labor issues: early retirement for professional drivers

**Expected attendance: 2,000

P.º de la Castellana 63-0
09-Jun-2022 1130-1330 In support of the public pension system Pl. de las Cortes
09-Jun-2022 1200-1330 To protest the new Audiovisual Communications Law Pl. del Rey
09-Jun-2022 1900-2130 To protest closing of public bus and metro lines – Metro Madrid

**Expected attendance: not available

Pl. de Colón, Calle de Génova, Calle de Sta Engracia, Pl. del Descubridor Diego de Ordás 3-0
09-Jun-2022 2000-2100 Against Franco’s impunity Prta del Sol