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Demonstrations in Madrid planned for December 2-9, 2022
December 2, 2022

Demonstrations 751x451

The Government Delegation in Madrid has authorized the following demonstrations. This list is not comprehensive.


02-Dec-2022 1000-1500 Transport Sector protesting breach of RDL 14/2022, dated August 1, 2022


**Expected Attendance: 5,000


Starts at Wanda metropolitano towards M-40 Norte to M-11 to Paseo de la Castellana Southbound.  From Paseo de la Castellana Southbound to Ministerio de Transporte Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz and Paseo de la Castellana
02-Dec-2022 1100-1130 Labor issues:  Courts of Appeal Pl. de Castilla
02-Dec-2022 1200-1300 Labor issues: Justice Department Calle de Génova
02-Dec-2022 2000-2200 To raise awareness of our country´s problems Plaza de España
02-Dec-2022 2030-2130 To protest laws against human beings Pl. del Callao
04-Dec-2022 1200-1500 In support of animal rights C/ Gran Vía 23-0
04-Dec-2022 1200-1500 Inform on the imminent need to recover soil organic matter

**Expected Attendance: 70

Paseo de la Castellana, 46-0

Next to US Embassy (Castellana)

05-Dec-2022 1200-1300 In support of the public pension system Pl. de las Cortes
06-Dec-2022 1100-1500 Constitution Day

**Expected Attendance: 700

Pza del Dos de Mayo 1, Plaza Daoiz y Velarde, Calle San Bernardo, Plaza de España
06-Dec-2022 1100-1400 Freedom of Expression and Choice of Language Calle de Goya
06-Dec-2022 1200-1430 In support of a Spanish Republic

**Expected Attendance: not available

Plaza Cibeles, C. de Alcalá, C/ Gran Vía, Pl. del Callao
06-Dec-2022 1300-1500 Remembering COVID-19 victims Plaza Cibeles
08-Dec-2022 1900-2000 Against Franco´s impunity Prta del Sol