Cultural Attaché Ana Duque-Higgins Engages with Academica´s Dual Diploma Program School Directors and Teaching Staff

Ana Duque-Higgins delivered opening remarks at Academica´s One-day Conference for School Managers, attended by around 170 private and charter schools administrators of the Madrid region.   Academica, headquartered in Miami, Florida, services over 200 public charter schools in the United States. The Dual Diploma Program allows students to earn a U.S. High School diploma while simultaneously completing their Spanish Bachillerato.  More than 560 Spanish schools are currently associated to Academica´s  Dual Diploma program.  In the course of her remarks,  Ana Duque-Higgins offered the Embassy and EducationUSA´ support and services to inform the students currently enrolled in the Dual Diploma of opportunities to study in the United States and encourage them to, once they get their American High School Diploma, take the next step and enroll in a U.S. university or college.