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January 1, 2020

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Connect-US is the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona’s school outreach program that fosters American English and promotes a better understanding of the United States, its society, history and values among students in our consular district. Connect-US helps students expand upon their notions of the United States through activities, talks, interactive classroom events, and the distribution of materials and online resources that advance both English teaching and learning. The program is divided into three major lines:

Fulbright Volunteer ProgramThis initiative allows American grantees to volunteer their services to high schools and give talks on their field of studies, as a means to foster an interest in the STEM fields.  Sessions are held in English, but even more than language, the program gives local youth the opportunity to interact with Americans living in Barcelona, and to connect with bright, enterprising and creative young students who can give a sense of U.S. culture.

Speaker ProgramTalks are mostly held at high schools within Catalonia but can also take place at the U.S. Consulate building.  Speakers can be diplomats based in Barcelona or Madrid, academics or other experts invited by the Consulate to participate in a myriad of programs in the area. The topics can vary from U.S. foreign policy and U.S. politics to others such as entrepreneurship, women’s issues, cultural diversity, U.S. history…

American English materialsAmerican English is the State Department’s website gathering a broad range of resources for English teaching and learning.

To request information about the Connect-US program: pdbarcelona@state.gov