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Ambassador Reynoso’s Remarks Upon Arrival at the Airport in Madrid
January 17, 2022

January 17, 2022
Adolfo Suárez Madrid- Barajas Airport

I want to share how happy I am to arrive today as the United States’ Ambassador to Spain and Andorra in representation of President Biden.

It is an honor and a privilege to set foot in this wonderful country and to get to work on deepening our historic relationships, which have existed since the founding of the United States. As President Biden has repeatedly stated, America is back. We are back to the values that have always defined my country. During my stay here, I will be dedicated to representing those principles in our relations with Spain and Andorra, the European Union, and the international community.

We have a long history of collaboration and working effectively with Spain and Andorra in the promotion of our shared values, democracy, culture, human rights, and common objectives in areas such as trade and the economy, security, and defense.

We share the goal of making the world safer, highlighting the importance of the environment, and of equality among people. Together, we combat climate change and the spread of disinformation. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our societies. We are going to face these challenges with the determination that has always characterized our peoples.

I arrive today with my son and my two dogs, and I couldn’t be happier. We look forward to getting to know the city that will be our home for the next few years, and of course, later, to travel to see all of Spain and Andorra. I believe that contacts between people are the basis of this great relationship between our countries, and it will be an honor and a duty for me as Ambassador to foster those ties.

I will be happy to continue this conversation as soon as I present my credentials.

Thank you.