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Ambassador Reynoso in Huelva: Theater against Racism
January 30, 2023

Ambassador Reynoso attended the last performance of the play, “Coto y Cambio”, in San Bartolomé de la Torre, Huelva, a project on which the embassy has collaborated to promote diversity and inclusion. The Ambassador stated, “I loved the play…all the hard work behind it and the wonderful people who participated. Spain and the United States share a common challenge in confronting racism, and these types of projects bring us a little closer to our objectives.” During her visit to Huelva, the Ambassador had the opportunity to meet with the president of the regional government of Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, and the Mayor of San Bartolomé de la Torre, Maria Eugenia Limón. The Ambassador visited the Monastery of La Rábida and the Muelle de las Carabelas, where she saw firsthand the starting point of our shared history, where Columbus prepared for his journey to America.