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Ambassador Julissa Reynoso trip to Galicia
October 24, 2022

Ambassador Reynoso

Ambassador Reynoso travelled to Galicia on October 19-21 to meet with community leaders and local government officials, learn more about the region´s challenges and opportunities, and hear views on the U.S.-Spain relationship.  In Santiago de Compostela she paid a call to the Xunta President, Alfonso Rueda with whom she discussed Galicia’ strong ties with the American continent which she said, “are the baseline for a great future of collaboration and projects.”  She also thanked Mr. Rueda for the Xunta’s generous support to the Fulbright program.  Also in Santiago she toured the Cathedral and its impressive Portico de la Gloria, recently reopened after a decade-long restoration project.   In La Coruña she visited Inditex headquarters in Arteixo and held an informal roundtable discussion with alumni of the Amancio Ortega Foundation. Ambassador Reynoso enjoyed the opportunity to learn from young Spaniards on the issues that most concern them and how their US experience has influenced their lives.  She also spoke to La Voz de Galicia and participated in the opening of the Barrié Foundation exhibition “Buddha and Shiva, Lotus and Dragon: Masterworks from the John D. Rockefeller Collection at Asia Society” to underscore the quality, scope, and diversity of American art collectors and philanthropists.