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Ambassador Buchan’s Official Statement- January 7, 2021
January 7, 2021

Ambassador Buchan: “I’m saddened and deeply disturbed by what transpired in Washington yesterday. Violence has no place in our political process. Those who participated in yesterday’s shameful criminal acts should be fully prosecuted. What I, the Embassy, and the American people stand for is a peaceful democratic process and respect for democratic norms and institutions. It was an important, and reassuring, moment when the Congress returned last night to continue certifying the results of the election.

This morning, Congress certified Joe Biden’s victory as President, and he will take office Jan. 20. As previously planned, I will depart the Embassy on the same day, leaving it in the very capable hands of our Deputy Chief of Mission, and ultimately, in the hands of the next Ambassador.

I am grateful for the messages of support from our Spanish friends. Our shared commitment to democratic values is the basis of the strong U.S.-Spain relationship, which continues from administration to administration.”