Ambassador Buchan Meets with a Group of Students from the Roma Community

To mark International Roma Day, Ambassador Buchan recently met with a group of 22 students from the Roma community to underline the U.S. Government’s support for the Roma and emphasize his personal interest in social inclusivity.  The student group was joined at the Embassy by their teacher, U.S. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Mary Clare Freeman.  Ms. Freeman is working this year with the Fundacion Secretariado Gitano – FSG.  For the past several years, the Embassy has funded the assignment of Fulbrighters like Ms. Freeman at the NGO to support initiatives such as “Promociona en Inglés” (Get a Passing Grade in English), an after-school program to help primary and secondary school Roma students with their English homework. Other initiatives include “Aprender Trabajando” (Learn while Working), a six-month course that supports young Roma seeking employment by teaching them conversational business English to improve their prospects.

Ambassador Buchan made clear to the group that “to this Embassy, Roma matter,” and he encouraged the students to pursue their dreams.