Agriculture in the United States: an Introduction

Field (photo: US Embassy)Farmers around the world face the challenge of feeding a growing population with limited natural resources, unpredictable weather, climate change and threats from pests and diseases. This blog will explore farming and agriculture in the United States to demonstrate how some farmers are rising to this challenge using a mixture of traditional practices and innovation to produce safe food sustainably. This blog will also explore agricultural sciences education opportunities. We have asked numerous contributors – including three graduate students – to help share their experiences with U.S. agriculture and demonstrate where innovation and sustainability meet to produce a plentiful and healthy food supply.

Farms, farmers, and their practices will be highlighted throughout the blog to give an inside look into what really goes on in the American agricultural industry. Through question and answer sessions, video interviews, on-site photos and first-hand accounts, we will endeavor to showcase the diversity and complexity of this business. We will also use this blog to update you on our activities here in Spain and Portugal.  Take this journey with us to discover more about our diverse food and agricultural system.