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Agricultural Trade Opportunities
May 30, 2023

The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS/Madrid) is the office of the agricultural attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid.  FAS/Madrid assists U.S. agricultural exporters, commodity associations and state and regional trade groups participate in trade shows, trade missions, market research and other promotion events in Spain and Portugal.  Specialists in the Office of Agricultural Affairs know most of the prospective buyers in Spain and Portugal, as well as the local business conditions, distribution patterns and outlets, and consumers’ preferences.

If you are new to this market, contact us and we will guide you to our latest reports on market opportunities, including local supply and demand conditions, market access issues and regulations, and promotional opportunities in Portugal and Spain.

USDA/FAS Trade Leads Service is once again available!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service has re-launched the Trade Leads Service.  Effective immediately, importers of U.S. food and agricultural products can request that the local U.S. Embassy produce a list of U.S. suppliers to provide the products they seek.

Market Intelligence

Our staff within the FAS/Madrid office prepares a wide variety of agriculture-related reports yearly.  Some of our reports focus on production, supply and distribution of different strategic products in Spain and Portugal.  Others identify market conditions, including market access barriers and/or opportunities in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.  Please follow this link to access our reports worldwide: FAS/USDA Global Agricultural Attaché Reports.

Market Access Problems?

The Foreign Agricultural Service in Madrid will assist U.S. exporters if and when export problems occur as the result of Spanish and Portuguese Government application of European Union regulations.  If you have a shipment that is blocked entry and your broker/importer cannot resolve the difficulty, please contact us at AgMadrid@fas.usda.gov.  We will assist you to clarify import requirements and attempt to resolve any problems you encounter.

U.S. Exporter –Association Missions to Spain and Portugal

FAS Madrid will assist U.S. trade missions to Spain and Portugal to schedule appointments and provide support as is feasible.  There are also a number of food and agricultural trade shows in Spain and Portugal every year.  Please contact us at AgMadrid@fas.usda.gov for more information and/or to initiate plans for a visit.